Mikaela Frances Jane

A website for our family and friends to keep up with Mikaela and her Arthrogryposis.
Also to help families find their way through this journey.

"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." - Gandhi

AMC Convention 2009
Philadelphia, PA

If I could help any parent of a child with AMC, I would send them to the convention that is held once a year by www.amcsupport.org.

We went last year and it was life changing. I can't emphasize on how much it has brought us back on our feet, and see Arthrogryposis in a whole new light. All the negative comments doctors make, all they have is an educated guess. I've spoken to so many people in the medical field who have responded to me with "Arthrogry-what?"

Imagine you walk into a room and all you are is surrounded by so many beautiful people that have the same thing your child has, or that you have. I remember standing in line at the convention waiting to register, and this little boy starts walking towards me. He was uppers only like Mikaela, and I started to cry. It was the first time I've seen another child like my daughter.

I was overwhelmed with joy throughout the whole convention, and so relieved to not feel alone anymore. These people, who put their heart and soul into every convention to help families all over the world are simply angels in my eyes. So giving and not asking for anything in return, they just want to help.

If you'd like to make a donation, to help keep these conventions going every year, please see Mikaela's donation page, or send your donation to:

Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita  Support Inc.
P.O. Box 1883
Salyersville, KY 41465

The 2010 AMC Convention will be held in Florida!

Please go to www.amcsupport.org for more information

Here are some pictures from the AMC Convention of 2009